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I’m Tatevik Sahakyan from Armenia and I’m 24 years old.

In my country I used to  work as a translator in a railway industry and beside that during the weekends I worked in a NGO( Had my own projects, supporting our community and the youth self development , so they can be informed about their rights ,the civil society and their volunteering opportunities )  But the everyday routine was so exhausting for me and because of that I didn’t have time for myself. In the office I wasn’t allowed to use my creativity and in one point I understood that it is time for CHANGE. It was time to leave my job and to do lovely and a honest job..So, I saw the PTI’s  announcement and I knew it was my chance to improve my skills, to work in non-formal education sphere, which is my favorite .And now I’m here –in Arad and I’m so glad.

For sure in my job I have some difficulties, because in the past I used to work with youngsters and now I’m working with children. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand them because of the language barrier, but it’s really nice pleasure when you show to them something interesting, playing with them games and when they hug you. I think that love can make the children happier and I’m ready to organize for them interesting events, games etc, help them to grow in healthy environment.  I’m enjoying my work, exploring Arad, Romanian culture and trying to improve my skills in sphere of non-formal education. J

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