Team Members

I am  Marika Jikia from Georgia. At this time, I am a volunteer in Arad , Romania.

 I am undergraduate . I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in the faculty

Of Humanities  (Art in Philology) at  Akaki Tsereteli State University , within this

program I am focusing my studies on the English language and literature . I was always

very interested in the EVS program.

 I have gained experience in the project cycle teamwork, leadership and summer school.

Additional , though course in methodology of teaching  and training in  an non - formal education , I was a volunteer teacher in  “American Corner Zugdidi  ,

 I am working in “ATENA 2007” as an English teacher  .

I personally believe that my experiences and education help me that to be  a particular volunteer in your organization and to do some useful activities.                                                  

 Also  I am a  mentor in  Association “Merkuri” and a  main reason why I wanted to participated in EVS project , it was that I wanted to give a good experience  and  in real understand what is “to be Volunteer”.Nevertheless volunteer in your organization will provide me an opportunity to gain further experience and upgrade my skills and knowledge. 

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Organizația Tinerilor Cu Inițiativă

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bl. D13, Sc. A, ap. 7,

Drăgănești-Olt, Jud. Olt