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I am Mariam Girkelidze, 22 years old girl from Georgia and right now I am volunteer in Arad, Romania.

At the start of my university studies I was practicing a lot with my own profession, which is social work. I had a lot of chances to work at different organizations and with different kind of people. This helped me a lot to gain some skills from all them. Besides I used to teach English language to three high school students during years.  Teaching my students I did my best, as I also studied much with them. I have been a member of student self-government, I wrote different projects and held interesting events. It was a good experienceas I realized how good communication skills and creativeness can help student to succeed.

After graduating university I decided to change something in my life and EVS was the best way for me to do this. I found project for me, apply and now I am here, but before committing to the European voluntary service there are few questions you should ask yourself. What is your personal motivation? Which area do you want to commit to? How long you are ready to commit yourself of all this questions? Answers of all this questions support my inner drive while completing my project.

As I am a social worker, this project was the best option for me because all my university years I had lots of opportunities to work with children, create cultural events for them and help to learn what they really wanted. This is exactly what I always wanted to do in my life and this is what I do in my project. It was a challenge for me to move to a foreign country where I did not know anything, not even the language, but I now I am happy to realize that I can deal with all this. I hope that I learn more than I expect. Lets see…

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