Team Members

I’m Tiko from Georgia and I’m currently volunteering in OrganizatiaTinerilor cu Initiativa in Arad,Romaia.

I recently graduated from university and got bachelor’s degree.My major is European Studies and it’s very crucial for me to live and work in the European Union member country.I’m doing my best to explore Romania and learn more about its political,social or cultural aspects.

I consider myself as a lucky person who gets a big pleasure from what she does,who has reliable people by her side and who is open to any positive experiences that life has to offer.I try to surround myself with motivated people with whom I can make a difference in society and be useful to the community I live in.

I’m enjoying with little things in my life and I believe that happiness can be found even in small things every  single day.I enjoy being around  people and fortunately my EVS experience is all about communicating with them.

I think that volunteering experience will be the one of many factors that can help me become the best version of myself. Personal and professional development are vital things that I want to fulfill .

Local NGOs Parteners


Organizația Tinerilor Cu Inițiativă

Str. Nicolae Titulescu,
bl. D13, Sc. A, ap. 7,

Drăgănești-Olt, Jud. Olt