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I’m happy!   

My name is Ia Rusieshvili  and  I’m not a robot , I‘m human and this is the first reason of my happiness .  

I am from Georgia , city Tbilisi but I’m currently volunteer  in OrganizatiaTinerilor cu Initiativa in Arad,Romaia.   I am  studying at Tbilisi State  University of bachelor’s degree.My major is Journalism And Media Communication and my secondary profession is Scandinavian Philology .I have graduated The Art School and painting is like a hobby for me and the best way to express my emotions.By the way I have very different interestsfrom my profession ,  I am interested in physics and science and I spend a lot of time to reading books and watching movies about this subjects.I have this interests since childhood and then when my age children was reading literature books i was reading books about science .

 I am currently as a volunteer in Arad Romania and I work with good team. This is a new experience for me because I have never been volunteer before . I think the best of this EVS project is that it gives  you  the  chance to introduce yourself in a way you want and do your best for it. I want to do my best for this project because the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

People and relationships takes  the major part of my life and I am always sensitive about it.We make a living by what we get ,but we make a life by what we give.

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Organizația Tinerilor Cu Inițiativă

Str. Nicolae Titulescu,
bl. D13, Sc. A, ap. 7,

Drăgănești-Olt, Jud. Olt