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I am Manuk Azizyan. I am 27 years old. I am from Armenia. I am a web developer and criminal lawyer. After studying law  I became interested in helping humanity.  I also would like to have the chance to use my experience, knowledge and personal skills for the people in need in various parts of the world. For me the race, color of the skin, culture or the religion is of no importance when the question refers to humanity in general.

 I have  rich experience of working with animals and plants. My naturalistic intelligence helped me to protest against the cutting of forests in my city area where unique birds used to live. It was a very important habitat for those birds but the government wanted to cut the trees to build factories instead. Moreover, when I was ten I used to have a small house for the street dogs. I once saw in the cartoon that people killed these animals; that’s why I decided to collect my pocket money to build a comfortable house for those sick and unprotected cats and dogs. I even made an agreement with the owners of butcheries to get some bones for them. It was surprising that the villagers also collected some money to help me. My small idea could unite all the inhabitants of the small village. The vet of the village cured the sick animals. Fortunately, nowadays all my animals found their owners and live happy and safe.  Two years ago a war started in Syria, and many Syrian-Armenian refugees came to Armenia. I was an active participant in the activities of finding houses for them or helping them to look for a job to keep their families.

To sum up, I found my life path and my mission from the books I read since my school years.  I have learnt that volunteering is a choice and  not an obligation. It gives you a chance to fight for positive changes. I think EVS is one of the tools for making a change. It helps volunteers from different countries share their experience, knowledge and make a positive impact on the society and on the volunteers.

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