I like to spend my time working as a volunteer. Since I became volunteer I have been ware in doing  various things than before, for instance I can make handmade


    Traveling   is  the most incredible thing in the world, which is gives  a lot of positive energy, unforgettable memories, new friends, new adventures.  It’s difficult to find somebody,

Last Saturday we took a part in photo exhibition which was organized by our volunteers: Ashkhen Davtyan, Anahit Tonyan. As we were interested from where they've got the idea we

Hi, my name is Opie, I arrived in Arad about two month ago and I really like it.  My relationship with organization is so good that they allow me to

       5th of June is Environment day and it was a good reason to watch the movie, discuss about environmental issues. We chose documentary film ‘’Home’’ directed

In this week we had a wonderful event with kids from school Mikhai Eminescu. Since the first of June is children international day they decided to celebrate and share their

Children are the worlds most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”-those are John Kennedys words. We totally agree with his opinion and never forget those words

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