Sand,lots of sand.That’s how I woke up after the plane crash,remembering the impocct and them,all of a sudden,here I am,lying with my face down the warm sand of


`The world we live in is to predictable` Claire said. `I wish it would have more magic’ she added.

She was sitting in her room, looking out to the


“I`ve never seen such a beautiful shade of blue. T`was neither light, nor dark. Actually, it wasn`t just a shade, there were millions. The canvas of the sky had


It was another day, I`ve lost count weeks ago, while I was flooting in my boot on the unknown sea. But, forward, a patch of land was rising, it


Nowadays,many scientist are trying to solve one of the main problems from our society:”It is  possible to travel in space and time?” If the answer would be “yes”,how could


Firstly, I would go back in time to relieve old memories. I would visit my old self and I would look at my past problems with different eyes. I`d

One day I started thinking about going back into the past to see how it would be. Would it be fun? Would it be scary? I had no idea, I

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