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Organizatia Tinerilor cu Initiativa

O.T.I. started its activity in 2007 and since is an active and growing promoter of the European values in its community, as it is our strong belief that involving young people from different countries in improving their conditions will improve the quality of the projects by adding a global perspective which, in the recent years, has grown more and more important.

Normal activities of the organization are strongly connected with non-formal education and aim at improving the life and developing the local youngsters. Main fields approached are education and environment and, as in this project, we involve different media as it is one of the best ways to approach young people and have a strong impact. Also, as the level of knowledge about Europe and the European Union is still at a level that can be improved, our activities are also aiming at improving this knowledge and we consider this project as one of the ways we can do that.

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Sending Organisations:

City Research Center

City Research Center is a non-governmental organization which activities are based on fostering self-governance, stimulate the economy, preserve local history, encourage cultural growth and reflect the youth issues.

CRC was founded in 2002 and till now it has organized and implemented different kind of projects related to documenting and preserving local historical heritage, assisting in the development of non-formal education for youth, promoting peace and human rights, as well as works on conflict transformation and resolution projects by developing intercultural dialogue between neighboring countries.
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Youth Association DRONI

Youth Association DRONI is a non-governmental youth organization with the mission to promote the establishment of a modern, healthy, educated and perfect society. In order to meet this task the association has been implementing the educational and Youth development programs.

DRONI was established in 2003 (and has updated the registration in 17.12.2010) and its working mainly in education field with different target groups (children, youth, students, teachers, refugees). Organization is mostly focusing its activities to the Caucasian region and cooperates with different NGOs in Europe.
The organization has been providing activities on:
• Human Rights Education and Gender Issues;
• Civil Education;
• Conflict Prevention and Peace-building;
• Active Citizenship.

DRONI's activity is mosty in the youth field and is one of the first youth NGO which is promoting volunteering, nonformal education, youth participation and active citizenship, as well as cross sectorial cooperation. Since its existence organisation has implemented many inovative international, national and local projects what can be seen on
All above mentioned goes in line with proposed activities, as its priority of Erasmus +. Organisation hosts and coordinates up to 15 short term volunteers per year and sends the same amount of EVS abroad.


Local Parteners

Public Institutions:

Teatrul Clasic “Ioan Slavici” Arad
Teatru de Marionete
Filarmonica de Stat Arad
Complexul Muzeal Arad


Fundația Takacs
AradAsociația de Pedagogie Dramatică Maghiară din România

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