Armenia is a small and old country in the South Caucasus region. It’s a country with unique culture, history and traditions. One of the specific elements of the national culture are the folk dances, which are a lot and every type, every step has special meaning, history. Perhaps the characteristic that most immediately sets Armenian dances apart is their group nature. That is, “Armenian dance” often implies a circle dance, or “shoorchpar”. Community events – weddings in particular – more often than not feature men and women standing shoulder-to-shoulder or pinky-to-pinky, with the leader brandishing a colored handkerchief, stepping and jumping back and forth and left and right, following the rhythm and beat, the movements dictated by that particular dance.

      It was a little bit challenging, but we decided to organize Armenian dance classes in schools. The first school was sc.after M.Eminescu, where we started with classes. The students were so curious, most of them they have heard about Armenia for the first time and it was a new experience for them to feel the Armenian soul and tradition, to see the Armenian culture through traditional dances. They danced with a great pleasure and we were proud to see that, to understand that we did small, but important step, spreading our culture.

     Dance is a unique way to explore new cultures, to feel that culture with interesting movements, to feel free and happy. So let’s dance, let’s explore new cultures and let’s make our life happier.


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