akaFriday, 20th of April supposed to be usual day for us, for volunteers. We were planning to go somewhere to drink beer, take a walk or just to have a fun, but everything changed when we planned a charity concert for Aspis kids.

ASPIS, is a non-governmental and non-profit association, aims at increasing the life quality for adults with special needs and their families. we visit Aspis twice a week and the native children are like little brothers and sisters for us. We play some games with them organize outdoor activities, energizer games. We sing songs together, create beautiful hand-made stuff and share each other our knowledge. Those kids became very important for us, That’s why we decided to make something special, and valuable for them.

At the charity concert “let’s rock the place for Aspis" we collected 340 lei and food for the kids from afterschool program Aspis. We sang more than 30 songs and played guitar. Other volunteers shared with us their food and money.

The concert was great. We had great fun, but the most pleasant thing was ahead. We had to collect all the food and money and take it to Aspis. I remember faces of kids when we showed them sweets and candies that we bought .They were so happy, but we were happier to bring a little joy in their lives. 


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