At first, let’s understand what kind of training it is. So, if you are going to become an EVS volunteer, you have to participate on-arrival training in first  month of your stage. It is one week duration training, which usually can take place   in the middle of that country, where you are doing your EVS.

     We went to on-arrival training  in Sibiu, which is one of  the most beautiful and historical cities in Romania. We were 50 volunteers and,of course, each of us has different expectations, about what we talked during our first meeting with trainers. We were a little bit pessimistic about content and about themes of training, we waited boring sessions, bureaucracy, but fortunately, we were wrong. It was week, what made our EVS stage interesting, full of information, it helped  us to understand the meaning of EVS, it gave us ideas  how we can make our projects  more productive, how we can enjoy volunteering.

     And how I can skip the most important part of on-arrival training-FRIENDS. This training gave us  a great opportunity to meet volunteers from different countries, explore our cultures together, share our volunteering life details, enjoy nice company and, of course, make parties every day and in the end of the training understand, that you become  close friends minimum with 2-3  volunteers. We had been returned from on-arrival training with great  memories, motivation and already had missed our new friends.

    Thank you EVS for  amazing,productive  and unforgettable  week.

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