Children are the worlds most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”-those are John Kennedys words. We totally agree with his opinion and never forget those words while we are working with children.


In this week we started our trip at Şcoala Generală 1 Mihai Eminescu of informing Romanian children about Georgia-its culture and traditions. We introduced them our ancient historical and original cultural monuments: temples, castles, towers, churches and monasteries that are too many in such a small country. They were amazed when we showed them highest mountains of Georgia and the Black sea coast. In addition, we taught them some basic Georgian words and showed our traditional dances with traditional costumes. We were so happy to see that children enjoyed our work, especially they liked Georgian folk dances. They imitate all the moves from the video that we showed and expressed desire to learn them better. So we made a promise to return at their school and teach them Georgian folk dances. Now we are looking forward to meet them again and share everything we are able to. 

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