In this week we had a wonderful event with kids from school Mikhai Eminescu. Since the first of June is children international day they decided to celebrate and share their happiness not only each other but their parents too. With the help of the teacher and us of course, children prepare some beautiful handmade crafts, gift cards for their parents, flowers and hats from colorful papers. We decorated classroom, walls and painted some puzzles on the ground. The most interesting and creative part of this event was that the teacher involved kids parents in it. She organized very funny family games for them, competitions and activities where parents supposed to act like children and have fun with them. They were very happy to see their children smiley faces, especially when they were singing Michel Jacksons very famous song ,,We are the world.” We were so proud to be those people who helped them to learn that song and be part of their joy.

Once Charles Dickens said: I love those little people and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.  In that moment, when we were singing together we felt whole idea of this words and we are very happy to have lot of opportunities to be part of their life here.


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