Hi, my name is Opie, I arrived in Arad about two month ago and I really like it.  My relationship with organization is so good that they allow me to participate in street music festivals. 
I played in this beautiful streets twice already. People are enjoying my music and this is most important for me. i feel warm and love from Romanian people. As I figured it out there are not many street musicians in Arad and when I play in the street everybody is watching and listening to me. We had free hugs festival in the streets where I was playing and singing and other volunteers where hugging people and it was very funny. Also we had Harmony festival and I played some songs, it was really awesome. One woman thought that I was playing for money and she gave me one lay, it was really funny, I enjoyed it a lot. I hope that we will continue doing that until my project ends because it is really funny and good playing in the streets.

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Organizația Tinerilor Cu Inițiativă

Str. Nicolae Titulescu,
bl. D13, Sc. A, ap. 7,

Drăgănești-Olt, Jud. Olt

Email: otiromania@gmail.com