Last Saturday we took a part in photo exhibition which was organized by our volunteers: Ashkhen Davtyan, Anahit Tonyan. As we were interested from where they've got the idea we asked several questions and got the overall image. The inspiration of this exhibition was the volunteering life in general which includes not only the work that we are doing but also the difficulties we face and we handle. There are several moments in life when you can't find appropriate words to describe and they captured those moments. The exhibition had several parts: positive and not much. Even the difficulties were shown from the positive side with help of humor. We are more than happy to have such kind of events and hope we will have further exhibitions. You are welcomed to see their work in Corina's library during this week.


ADP Photo Exhibition EVS Arad 41

ADP Photo Exhibition EVS Arad 14

ADP Photo Exhibition EVS Arad 39

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