Traveling   is  the most incredible thing in the world, which is gives  a lot of positive energy, unforgettable memories, new friends, new adventures.  It’s difficult to find somebody, who doesn’t like it and if you are a  real traveller, who wants to explore new culture, to   have adventures and a lot of new friends, that means that  Romania is the country , which you must visit.

     Romania is one of that rare countries, where you can travel   more then 1000km  for free-with hitchhiking. Here people are so friendly,they can pick up you  and even suggest coffee or something or just invite to their home. Most of the time no more then one  hour is needed  to catch a car and follow your dream to explore an amazing  place. There are plenty of extraordinary  places,especially in the middle of Romania – Transilvania. There  you can enjoy  your time in the mountains, visiting castles in the cities  and exploring  wonderful nature around you .Romania has also an amazing summer attractions like Constanca,Mamaia , Mangalia and Vama Veche. I had a magical opportunity  to camp twenty feet away from the sea on sandy beach in Vama Veche and I’m telling you that is a thing  that  everyone needs to experience.

    Are you ready to explore Romania? Take your backpack, put on a positive mood and go ahead, follow  the adventures! 

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