I like to spend my time working as a volunteer. Since I became volunteer I have been ware in doing  various things than before, for instance I can make handmade things and … etc. I am growing up as a more social, independent person, due  to my EVS mission. This was the best desicion in my life . Volunteering offered me a lot of good chances in my life, especially my new international friends, that if I can have more free time to create my day more enjoyable. In this period of my life I am more motivated to improve my English, Romanian, to have active sport life . The EVS lifestyle is associated with love, care, experiences and … etc. Romania has a distinct pulse, a rhythm of its own that you'll feel the moment you arrive. Whether you're playing soccer with the local kids, practicing Romanian with new friends,. Despite and partially due to the in creased popularity of volunteering abroad, people rarely  discuss the darker side of helping the less fortunate. Recent surveys show that the most parts of people are happy with their volunteer experience as me In consequenctly volunteering in Romania is fairylike timeline.

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Organizația Tinerilor Cu Inițiativă

Str. Nicolae Titulescu,
bl. D13, Sc. A, ap. 7,

Drăgănești-Olt, Jud. Olt

Email: otiromania@gmail.com