As I started working ASPIS as a volunteer my life changed a lot. I am more relaxed and really enjoy to do my work. Working with children make me a  more sensitive person. Every time when I see them honestly  smiles, It makes me the happiness  person in the world. When you try to make someone  life more interesting, you receive  HONEST LOVE  in return and that gives  you energy to try to more than you possibly can …  Even when I am at home sometimes I think about the children how I can help about what they are doing and what I can prepare for our next meeting. Consequently I know that if I go back to my country I will miss my little friends, whom I met in Romania.

Yes, children are flowers who make our life more colorful.13782284 1073058829414016 6117768319376556386 n


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Organizația Tinerilor Cu Inițiativă

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