What is a friendship? Which kind of emotions gives this word, when you are thinking about it? Different people would answer to this question in a different way and would give different interpretation, but for all of them this word includes one big and nice feeling which name is Love. For all of us to have friends it means to give love and to feel it. Having close friend it means to have support, to have person with whom you can be yourself and with whom you can do a lot of crazy things. For this reason people created Friendship day.

   Every year on the first week of the August whole world celebrate friendship day. And this year we decidedmakethat day unforgettable and to celebrate it with local people, volunteers from different countries. The main idea was to do something together, to talk about friendship in general and, of course, about EVS friendship. It was a beautiful evening in the open air, we made friendship cards and bracelets, talked with each other, played games and enjoyed our time.

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