August was full of activities and events. We have had some colorful and funny activities like the city mood, human library and friendship day. As usual we visited kids in Aspis, played with them and did our English lessons there, but the most amazing and interesting experience for me was working with Roma kids at Ilario Felea school. Associatia Aspis created summer camp for this beautiful children. During three days from Tuesday to Thursday we have had the opportunity to get to know each other well, find out more about their culture and customs. Me and my friends we have prepared some nice activities for them, morning exercises, competitions, football games, English lessons and hand craft workshops. I myself did what I really enjoy to do-music lessons. I have taught them some English and even Georgian songs. I was so amazed having hared them singing in Georgian. It was so fun… To see happy faces of children and feel that it was partly your “fault” was the best sensation for me. 



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