Hello my name is Opie, I'm volunteering in Romania in Arad. My project is a cultural, we organize some events and also we are teaching different things in Vladimirescu for Aspis afterschool program. Besides my project, I'm trying to be involved in as many activities as I can. sometimes I help to unload the truck and the woman that we are helping she is really grateful and I feel happy because of it. To sum up the August was the most active month for me because I participated in different activities from other projects. I went to play on intercultural night, I also took the part in the event which was organized in the center of children with disabilities and I felt that, this kids really needed me there to have a little fun in their life, they hugged me and I felt love. This was the most emotional part of this event. I will continue to do my best in my project and as always I will try to participate in other projects to help them and help myself to develop more as a person.

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