''There is life after EVS.'' This sentence is used the most during our midterms. Sure there is, but how is it? I have never thought I would feel this way. The moment when I said goodbye to my friends and sat the train I felt that I leave my whole life and although I knew I had another reality here, in my country, I was afraid that it won't be the same. Actually, I was partially right. I got here and second day I got a message from a guy who wants to start a business in IT sphere and he wants me to be in charge of the sales department. Salary is quite high for Armenia. My family is here, my old friends are still partying that I am back. There is life after EVS, that's true! But I don't want to live that life without my EVS friends, it includes volunteers, mentor, coordinator,even our president Adrian :) You all are my friends and I will do my best to motivate everyone to be in touch here. We can share our ideas, thoughts, our career successes, plus it's 21st century if you ever need a help in ''online sphere'' you will have a group that will support and help.


                    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." Robert Frost

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