How much do we know about people we come across in our lives?

This is the question we that we almost never ask ourselves even though we  spend most of the time with people.We work together,we have fun together and simply live together but still we have trouble figuring out the others.

In my point of view,the key of a sincere conversation and relationship in gerenal,is to always remember that  there is a special story behind every person,there is the reason why they are the way they are.

So,how do find out what someone else’s perspective,thoughts or vision of life might be? – simply we need to talk to them.

Realizing the importance of sharing each other’s story encouraged the volunteers working  in Arad,Romania to organize EVStalks event which took place at the Muzeul de Arta Arad.

Five major speakers of the evening talked about their lifetime experiences,personal or professional difficulties and the reasons that helped them become the volunteers in the first place.They spoke about the importance of volunteering from their personal point of view and in this way they encouraged the audience in the room to do the same.

It's a pretty common mistake to think of volunteering as just something nice that people can do.So the EVStalks evening was a right way to prove that volunteering is not at all only about having fun,it’s not only about traveling the world and it’s obviously not about the money; but it’s just about a great desire of a person to be the one who makes difference in the society and to become someone who has an enormous impact on the health and well-being of unfamiliar communities worldwide.

It was engaging and emotional to listen how the volunteers feel about being the ones who educate the public,work with people with disabilities,work with children,take care of elder,ensure that arts and cultural festivals,from small gatherings to massive concerts,run smoothly and simply donate most of their time and get an enormous pleasure from that.

By sharing their very personal stories to people they did not know well or did not know at all the volunteer speakers of the evening  proved the audience that  you don’t need to be very extroverted or a great conversationalist to talk about important things of your life.

In overall,the EVStalks event was successful according to the impressions of the audience and their desire to be involved in the next one.This was the first public speaking evening organized by volunteers of the Proiectul Tinerilor cu Initiativa and the events will continue regularly with different topics.

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