Malvina   Sharashidze

     Every story has its beginning. My EVS story  has started since October but my volunteering and Youth Working story started when I was 18 years old.  The idea of making EVS talks event was quiet intriguing and interesting for me and the most exciting moment was when the event organizer expressed her will and invited me as a speaker at her event.

      Two days before the event I was so nervous that I even had a dream as if my speech was the worst one. When I woke up I felt  that it was kind of unconscious feelings about the responsibilities I had to myself and to my audience. So I decided to write the topics to use them  as some guidelines to make my speech logical and interesting.

      Before the event started I was a bit nervous more nervous than Alexandros who would tell me that he had  a  phobia of public speaking. I was trying to calm him down even though I was also very excited.

   When  I started speaking  Tika turned on the slideshow of the volunteers photos  attending the event. So somehow I felt that the audience was a bit distracted so I decided to speak in a way to attract their attention. I don’t know how but I managed to get their attention. During speaking I was not looking at them maybe I was looking but I was seeing the scenes and the stories from my past I was recalling in my mind and telling to my audience. I felt that to get public’s attention you must be honest. If you like what you say if you trust yourself and know that the way you say and what you say is right audience always gets  surprised and they always look at you with wide open eyes.

     I liked the event a lot. First of all because after public speech I am always on a good mood because  speaking in front of people gives me a chance to share my emotions, opinions to others when I see they listen I become more dedicated to what I say and always get drowned in my words that is really engaging.

      Public Speaking always reminds me my childhood  my first day at school when my mom brought me to school. She taught me a poem for the school starting ceremony in advance so I had to say a poem in front of many people at the very first day at school. When I started reading the poem I was looking for my mother’s face in the crowd. In around 500 people. In the middle of my speech I saw my mom’s sad face staring at me with her beautiful eyes and as soon as I saw her the tears started to flow from my eyes. Since that speech every time I stand in front of public I always recall my mom’s face as if she is standing somewhere among people  telling  me  to stay strong and  fight for creating  my own path of life…

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