It was midnight  around three o’clock of  20 th of November. All of us, the project volunteers were sitting in the train heading to Sibiu for on arrival trainings. The bright moon hanging on the sky seemed to be on a playing mood   hiding itself behind the clouds and after some minutes still appearing. The frozen air was licking the train windows.  There was dead silence in the train. Everyone was napping, leaning to each other trying to shorten the long hours of the journey.

     We reached Sibiu at 6 a. m. The town was still sleeping and the sun was slowly  rising from the proud mountains standing still. The only human beings that were awaking the silent streets were us kidding and laughing. Some of us walked silently, some of us making noise by  the suitcase wheels such as gl, gl, gl… It was Manuk one of our kind friend making noise and entertaining us with his soft sense of humor.

     Our destination was Ana Airport Hotel so we decided to take a taxi to get  there hoping we could have a rest and sleep for a little while. But unfortunately in the reception we were told that we had to wait until two o’clock to check in  so there was no other way all of us sat on the sofa and fell asleep.

     The first day of the trainings was about to get to know each other. There were 65 volunteers from 16 countries. All of them having their own cultural charm. We were divided into three groups. My group trainers were Victor and Ionna. What I liked in them the most was modesty, enthusiasm and expertise. Ionna was the most energetic and creative trainer I have ever met with her energizers she always pushed us to be more motivated and involved in the activities. Besides, she shared not only her theoretical knowledge but practical experience. The most memorable activity that she made  with us was the last one. She asked us to  close our eyes and with her soft voice was talking about each activity what we had done since very first day in the hotel with her voice simultaneously  we could hear the melody by  Ludovico Einaudi that was really impressing.  There is one saying that before dying in one minute a person recalls his whole life. This activity was kind of imitation and somehow lesson  that I have to look back at some moments in my  life and analyze what was good and what can be done better. One more activity that I liked the most was about stereotypes how human beings label each other and give some kind of status that is totally destroying in most  cases for particular people.

       As for  Sibiu I will never forget the town. With its amazing architecture and very creative roofs of the houses. Roof windows resembled human eyes and looking at them I had an association of one saying from George Orwel’s  well known  book “1984”: “Big brother is watching you”. The scenery of the town was fascinating.

       I have had many good times in my life.  But I can surely say that on arrival trainings that one week was the most memorable time in my life that I will never be able to forget. 

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