Stay or not stay in your comfort zone this is the question that requires an immediate answer.


So for the very beginning to know from a psychological point of view  your comfort zone is an artificial and mental boundary within you maintain a sense of security and are able to experience great discomfort.And of course, for the most part your comfort zone is a reflection of your self-image and how you think and expect things should be. The things is when you are in an uncomfortable situation, or one that doesn't fit your expectations, you usually do whatever you can to regain your comfort back. So, for many people, even if they are unhappy or unfulfilled, their natural inclination is to stay within the comfort zone simply because it is familiar and safe. Many stay in jobs, relationships, and situations that have lost their relevance over the years only because they are afraid of the unknown. But the truth is that security does not reside in anything outside of ourselves; instead, it lies within us. Unfortunately, if you choose to remain in your comfort zone you will never find out what your true potential is or what you are capable of achieving. Nor can you really succeed at anything without venturing out of the comfort of your safety net.

I was one of those people, living in my world, in my “perfect” life I had nothing to worry about: high paid job in prestigious hospital, studied in one of the best universities in Armenia with state scholarship, I had my friends, my family and of course my beloved one next to me, I had all these things I mentioned above by the age of 20– 21, the “perfect” life was  or was not it? The “perfect” life is an illusion crated by man to minimise the hopes and dreams of others, rather than making them think outside the box, society makes you think you don’t have a choice in the matter. Take for example women, they are expected to know certain things at a given age, they are expected to know how to cook, clean, and most importantly, they must have children, not that it’s anything bad about that, but why at a certain point women are looked down upon when they reach the age of 30-40 and don’t have children, who is society to decide one human beings faith. Trying or doing your best is the closest you’ll ever get to perfection.

Well my friends I would love to know the answer whether it was perfect or not but I do not   know, and  I think nobody knows .Tough the thing I know for sure, is that I was standing in the middle of nowhere, without : a clue where I am or where I am going to, it was like a storm, a storm that should begin but I was not ready for that. I was ready to run away from it all, but I chose to stay and fight. The time came just in 30 minutes before departure, after rejecting the offer to start my EVS for more than 13 times I called  my friend and I said that I am going to Romania. On the way to the airport I had two panic attacks, and I can still remember the pain in my throat, but I did not stop the car with the hope inside that I  would leave Armenia to explore Romania.

Just in case to all of you know I am writing this article in 17en replace with 17th of December 2016 though I  should have started month ago but I tried to extend the deadline as much as possible so I will have time to travel and explore Romania and its culture. And now going back to the topic I  can recommend one thing, do not be afraid to start the adventure into the unknown, just trust yourself and in God, put your faith in His hands and let him guide you when you’ve never been before, and you’ll notice the beauty that surrounds you.



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