One day I started thinking about going back into the past to see how it would be. Would it be fun? Would it be scary? I had no idea, I also thought about going into the future, because I was curious about how the world will look after one hundred or two hundred years, what progress in terms of technology or educational system or way of living will be made? I had an unstoppable curiosity about these things. If I were to choose between going back in the past or in the future, I wouldn`t know which one would be better. If I went into the past, I could in some ways, change the course of history and the present world would probably be different.

By the end of the day, I decided to build a time machine and go into the future to see how the world changed over years. I decided on this because I wanted to let the world evolve by itself, without anyone who knows the future to change it. My own time machine was ready after a few months. I was very happy that my dream could become true. It was a really strange feeling when I entered it. It felt like I was shattered and lost in space and time. I didn`t know where the time machine will transport me in this huge world. Will I arrive in the same place I was when I left the present? Will I arrive on the other side of the planet? A lot of things went through my mind in that moment. I think that all my future memories were seen by me. In the end, I landed. I didn`t know where I was. It was dark and foggy. The smell in the air was pretty bad. It was like car gas. I thought that all the world was filled with pollution and everyone died because of it. I never liked to use a car because of its pollution. I always used  a bicycle to move around the city. There I was, standing in a unknown world, having no idea what year it was. I walked a few kilometers and I could finally see a building. It was made only of glass. After that, I saw an old man walking alone. I asked him where I was and he said that I was in the old part of a town, forgotten by the rest of the world. I instantly figured out a way to move to a populated area to see the real differences between the time I lived and now. I finally got to America, in New York. I knew that because I arrived at its most popular square. Everyone was talking to gadgets and everyone was using its electronic chairs to move, instead of walking. It was odd. It looked like they were incapable of doing anything. The gadged they had was doing everything they were asking . Not to mention that the weather was too hot to resist it, because of the global warming.  People were wearing clothes with cooling systems and air refresher. The pollution in that area was almost deadly. I thought that if we advance a bit more the life on the planet will dissapear, because of its problems. I had to get a cooling system and an air refresher myself in order to survive. I decided to go back in my time as fast as I can.

I hardly got back in my home in the end. It was a horrible experience which I hope I`ll never repeat. My conclusion after this trip was that people must stop doing this normal activities, like using technology or travelling by car bus or any other means of transport that pollute the air. I didn`t want to live in that world anymore, but in the end I was able to change the course of history even if I didn`t go back in the past. I was able to prevent people that their world will be destroyed by them without realizing it. It was an important experience for my brain and mind.

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