Firstly, I would go back in time to relieve old memories. I would visit my old self and I would look at my past problems with different eyes. I`d relieve the joy of getting a good grade in the times when everything seemed easier and the world wasn`t so frightening. I would go back to those difficult times and I would give my past self a few words of encouragement, for that is all it takes to make one`s day a little bit more bearable.

I`d go back to the days when I`d leave out cookies and milk for Santa, only to see them gone in the morning, because that is the only evidence I needed.

I`d go back to see my uncle once again, to hear his jokes and his stories one last time.

When I`m done with the memories, when my hear is finally content, I would travel back further, when my grandparents weren`t even born yet, just to see how accurate the history textbooks were. I would watch history itself unfold, from deep within the shadows.

I would go in the times of great geographical discoveries, and I would join the conqueres on their ships, travelling to the farthest points of the earth, learning how it once looked, comparing it to how it looks now.

I would travel to the ancient times, when Christianity wasn`t born yet, when worshipping the Old Gods was anything but uncommon. I would weep at the feet of the ancient  temples that are now in ruins, I would bring offerings of the present to the past. I would apologize to the temples, to the people, to the Gods themselves, on behalf of the people of the present. I would wear the clothes that the ancients once wore, beautiful white togas and with jewels around my neck and in my hair. I would put on a veil and bow before the Gods, begging for forgiveness and support in the dark days of the present.

I would linger around only for a little while, only to fulfill my goals and only to worship a quick prayer under my breath before returning to my days, for I don`t belong in the ancient world, even if part of souls does. 

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