Nowadays,many scientist are trying to solve one of the main problems from our society:”It is  possible to travel in space and time?” If the answer would be “yes”,how could this situation affect us,the humanity?

But after today’s Physics class,learning about Einstein’s equations about Relative  General Theory in  Equations. I just got the brilliant idea to give a hand to solve the “unsolved problem”.After my calculus which was right and explained , a time machine can now be built.As Einstein said “I don’t have any uncommon talents,but I’m extraordinary curious”,I can say that it fits myself.

After being rewarded with the price of 1000000$, I just got the chance to test the time machine,depending on me about which “direction” I choose to travel:past or future.

I’ll just put it shortly why I choosed future-it is a nearby future,like 10 years after of the main reason was my curiosity to be satisfied about how turns to be our world,in a good or a bad way,and how many improvements were made in those years.

In accordance with scientists ,I have the mission to make a comparison with present.I  can’t  say there would be only a “world in pink” , like many of us would think that it is.

To the best of my knowledge the global warming it was(in present) and still is(in future) one of the main issues that we couldn’t solve.Thus ,our environmental living became more and more unstable.i just remember that we had successful colonized Mars,but why we didn’t protect our native planet, Earth?

I will mention here  that our technology ,medical care and so on are unbelievable.It is a good thing,but not so high as the conservation of own planet.

I have chosen to come back our time.For the future scientists,I gave them my rewarded topic and plans for building the time machine.Also I explained my vision about how can people contribute for a healthier Earth to present a catastrophe to happen in the following next time.

To put it shortly ,I can say that it was a great experience , a story to tell for my grandchildren.I recommended for everyone  who wants to live such an opportunity to think further and develop their ideas and share them with the others.


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