It was another day, I`ve lost count weeks ago, while I was flooting in my boot on the unknown sea. But, forward, a patch of land was rising, it was an island! I headed thowards her and got my boot on the shore. It was huge! I wanted to start exploring it when I saw a group of cats heading thowards me, I wanted to greet them but they hissed and growled at me. One, a big tabby tom took a step forward and asked me “Who or what are you?” – I was very surprised to see that they could understand me. Firstly, I taught my imagination was jocking me, but I could understand their dialogues and their expressions. They were not just usual cats, and I looked better around , I discovered that it wasn`t an ordinary island after all.

The trees were very, very tall and the plants were very odd, not like the ones I saw before. Before I could seat, a black she-cat nudged me in my leg and hissed with hostility “you come with us”. I couldn`t say anything else, just to nod to her. In the following second, I was surrounded by all the cats. They were seven, four she-cats, two toms and a kit that didn`t seemed much than six months old. After we walked deeper into the forest, they stopped in front of a rock-cave and the big tabby tom glazed at me than added “wait here, I`ll be back soon”. Several seasons seemed to pass before the tom comed back. He looked at me then at the black she-cat and added “Night, you and Masmalode can go hunting, I and the rest of us will bring him to Russeto”. The black she-cat nodded and signed the kit to follow her into the forest. The tom flicked his tail to me to follow him into the cave. I obbeyed and in the next second I was in a whole new world, full of cats. In each corner were cats, tiny kits playing with each other, old cats with the muzzle gray with age and full- strengthened cats who looked very offensive. The tabby spun around and ordered “wait”, then he dissapeared into a crept of the wall and apeared a moment later with a middle-age donk-ginger she-cat wich looked at me with color eyes. She waited a second for the murmurs of exclamation from the other cats to die, then asked “How did you get here?”

I explained to her how I arrived there and she added: “For now on you may as well stay here with us, have a piece of fresh-kill for the pik and try to live with us, because you can`t go back” I was a bit offended about it, but I resigned soon. I discovered that the place was called SunLand, thanks to the sun that glows and warmths the island every day, because here are no seasons, it` s just summer forever. I cooped soon of eating fresh meat of voler, mice and squerrels, and I learned the cats new trick of hunting and saving water, because here, rain is scarce.

I just hope someone will find this bottle and announce my family that I am fine but I`m not coming back to them. 

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