“I`ve never seen such a beautiful shade of blue. T`was neither light, nor dark. Actually, it wasn`t just a shade, there were millions. The canvas of the sky had tons and tons of small-white flickering stains and the queen of all had just risen: the moon. It was a kind of a chilling landscapes because it has 3 simple components: the sky, the sea  and us- the ship. At that time I was just an ordinary girl dressed in rags with her future consisting of a wooden brush, a bucket with water and the ship`s old floors.

One day, everything changed.

After 3 years seeking the unknown on the almighty seas we have found the “Known”. It was an island, but a very tiny one. It looked like a pile of sand and rocks with just 3 trees on top. We got off on the so-called island and started looking for something to give us a reason to stay.

After a few minutes we decided to split up and by that I want to say that I went on a different direction and they sticked together. Of course, like in any fairytale, I have found a secret “door” to another world and of course, I was curious to find out what`s in there.

The world after that “door” was completely different than that old, small island . It was a world that is more beautiful than beautiful. It`s beauty lies beyond any words or  comprehension.

It was an island on which I have found my friends and where I have finally gained myself.

It was a place where time had no ordinary measurement and so, age didn`t matter.

I left my parent and the old ship there, in the blue abyss of Davy Jones and rediscovered myself instead.”

-          This was such a nice story, Evelyn! I wanna hear it again!

-          No, no! We barely have time! Ya have to go to sleep, only adults stay up so late! said Evelyn as she was tucking the little boy in bed.

-          Evelyn?

-          Yes?

-          Aren`t you afraid that we are going to sink? asked the little boy with the eyes almost shut.

-          No, no! she replied while smiling.

-          Aye, Aye, lads`!  said the captain while bursting in to the room.

-          What be thy problem, capn`?

-          We are approaching an island!

Evelyn looked at the captain shocked as she remembered everything. 

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