`The world we live in is to predictable` Claire said. `I wish it would have more magic’ she added.

She was sitting in her room, looking out to the windows at the cold falling rain. She was feeling rather blue that day.

Just then, she heard a weird sound coming from under her bed.

Curious, she went on to search it`s source as she looked under, she saw a blue bunny with long and curly ears.

The bunny, scared of Claire`s presence, hopped back from her.

`Wait, no! Don`t go! Come back!’ Claire said as she started crawling after the weird bunny.

She crawled and she crawled for about 5 minutes. Then she saw a purple light somewhere in front of her. She started heading in that direction.

Claire raised up. The World around her had changed. The sky had a lovely purple colour and two moons shining bright green. The grass was white as snow with red flowers popping our here or there. The trees were tall and blue, but their leaves did not look like leaves. They looked like soap bubbles.

Claire was stunned by the new place`s beauty. Just then, she saw her blue rabbit, standing near a white column.

Claire headed for the column, but as she got close by, she realised that it wasn`t in fact a column. It was a tall lady with fair skin and hair white as pearls. Her face was long and peaceful, with eyes as black and warm as burning soul.

The women spoke to Claire in a weird way.

`Abenly casel Adegina Se Ne Ba`

Claire didn`t understand. She simply asked the woman `Where am I`?

To which the woman simply said:


`That`s a weird name. I`m just going to call this place Ilarriony` Claire said.

The woman bowed. Then, swarm of bunnies came over. They took Claire up and carried her to an opening,there stood a tall golden throne.

The animals put the girl carefully on the throne. Then the fair lady came forth, bowed to Claire and announced:

`Ichija Claire, Regina ba Se Ne Ilariony`

The animals joyed. Claire didn`t know what to think. It was all a bit overwhelming.

Soon the animals stopped. The woman now asked: `Ichin Se Ne, Me la desu beba Kana?`

Claire didn`t know what to say, she simply said:

`I would like a home`

The animals got to work. The bunnies started taking down the bubble trees for wood.

`Wait, no, don`t cut them down!` Claire shouted. Apparently, the bunnies didn`t know the word `no`.

Claire was scared. The bunnies were now ruining her perfect world. She wanted home. She closed her eyes and got on the ground, ripping some of the grass.

The sound of thunder came through. The little girl opened her eyes. She was back in her room again.

It all seemed like a dream. But it couldn`t have been because laying in her hands was that weird white grass she picked out. 

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