Last week was the week that has changed my life. I was going on a trip to Ankara with my best friend, Elvis. We were travelling by car when we suddenly saw a girl in the middle of the road. I knew it was something different about her but at that time I couldn’t imagine what.

             We stopped and the girl grabbed my hand and told me not to be afraid and to follow her. Three steps after and me and the little girl entered into a whole new land. Elvis wasn’t with me. There weren’t so many things but there were a lot of people. Those were the people who were chosen to be kind people. These were the people who were chosen to be the best in different topics. They all wanted to create a better place to live and they told me I was chosen to be the leader. My first “leader work” was to choose a name for the new discovered land. All of the people who were there felt that they needed to discover something new and life gave them this opportunity. The name I thought about was “Hope” because an opinion of mine says that everything in our lives starts with a sparkle of hope. I didn’t know why I was chosen to be a leader, but  I had so many ideas for the land that I almost forgot this question.

             So, besides all of the people there, I discovered some new animals. My favourite animal was called “ Kindness” . This animal was a combination of a dog with the animal of an elephant. Why it was named liked that? Because animals here have the purpose to help people to cure something in their personality. For example, yesterday was brought here a girl who has a twin sister an she always want to crush mountains just to win every little thing. She had a heart only for her and she always let everyone down. This thing changed after the girl was helped by the kindness animal. It has its methods to cure these types of people because it believes that the world needs more kind people. I discovered other  animals  like : “social” which helps people to speak their minds, to tell what they are thinking and to have the power to think that their ideas are important. This is a problem in our society nowadays… Imagine how much we could progress if more people will bring more ideas. Other animal which impressed me  was named “Fear”. This animal is such a powerful one. It has the head of a lion and a body of a tiger. Why? Because people are hold back in these days only because of the fear. It doesn’t matter what kind of fear  but what matter the most  is that we would become better in developing our skills if we won’t depend on this thing. This animal looks like that mostly because “fear” is considered to be the problem which you can hardly get rid of. This animal helps all kinds of fears. From the fear of spiders to the fears like not being good enough in what you do. Enough with the animals.

        Now I will tell you about some plants that I found there. I found an orange flower which can make you see what somebody see in you in order  to develop yourself more. Another plant I discovered looks like a big Rose but it has the power to kill negativity from your mind.

         Later on I found out why I was crowned as a leader. I was the one who is taught to be the girl who can invent something new out of nothing and in my surprise I was the one who created and than discovered the land.  I had so many dreams about creating a better world but I can’t even imagine that all of this is even real.

         I want to create in this land a big house where people learn how to love themselves because to create big things you first need to believe that you can. I want to create a place where everybody can see once in a lifetime somebody who is no longer part of this world if they left with something undone. If we work together we are powerful if not we are vulnerable. I want to create the place where the people  who suffer can find peace and to recover from the pain in order to  continue their lives with no doubts or second thoughts. I want to create a place where we as a whole can have a better world… We  can build  a place where we can learn how to listen , a place where you can go when you need motivation. A place with lots of singers and people so we can learn how to enjoy life things and not to be into continue rush for the future. All of these places can be designed by the chosen people I presented you. But who are exactly these people? Or better said who made them to be special? Nothing more than we all were born with.. But they felt the world need a change. So…everybody could be in their place. This land was born with the power of positivity.

         In the end, this land  is so perfect and unbelievable  but you can see the proof too. You can start being more of the things said above and also try and cure the people like the ones in my land. Don’t forget! If you have hope our whole world can be the result of this land if we have hope and maybe you will be the next who will leave in this magical land.



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