If I had to choose to be one age for the rest of my life, I am sure that age would be the period of high school, from fiveteen to eighteen years old.

I think that this period is the most beautiful in our life. We are linking strong friendships with a lot of persons, students or adults. In highschool we`re learning a lot of thinks about math, chemistry, history or geography, but the most important: we are preparing for life, we are becoming adults and serious people.

Also, we are enjoying a lot, we are taking of party after party and I like it. Sleeping is often ignored, but that is a beautiful part. Waking up early in the morning  after two- three or four hours of in bed is terrible, but for me is an habit.

I`m sixteen years old and I`m studying at National College “Elena Ghiba Birta”. I am volunteers coordinator at an volunteers center from Arad. In romanian, it is called “Centrul Judetean de Voluntariat Arad”. I met a lot of volunteers from different countries there, I understood what means an Erasmus project and how to make one of this.

I like so much these years because being a volunteer, I understood a lot of thinks and I learned a lot of essential habits from Roumania and different countries.

I also want to be at this age for the rest of my life because one year ago I became a football referee and I want to do this for the rest of my life. In just one year, I was an assistant referee for two games in the fourth leagues, the first league from the county. When I`m in the land, I`m feeling like home, appreciate and I don`t know, I`m feeling so so good. Although games are not everytime what I want, these are the shackles over it`s necessary to jump.

I know that my English is  a bit hard to understand, but I hope to understand what I wanted to say. The highschool age will be always the most beautiful age. 

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