All ages are related to some possible experiences, to some feelings as well as to some decisions that you need to make. Every age has its beauty and choosing to be one age for the rest of your life would be one big decision to make.

     I, personally, would choose to be 28 for the rest of my life because that  is the age when  you actually start living your life on your very own. Being 28 means that you are young and youth means spontaneity and beauty as well as gaining knowledge and experiences. Choosing to be one age forever means that you get to experience the same things forever so it might get boring at times, but not when it comes to 28.

      To me, being 28 means getting out of university, finding a job that suits you, gaining enough money to buy a nice, cozy apartment or the out skirts   of a city which has a lot of offer from a cultural point of view. The job I would choose would be either as a journalist or as a copy-writer because these are the kind of jobs that never allow you to get bored and further more, being a journalist or working in the advertising field means that you are getting paid to always read and learn new things which is amazing. From this point of view, it is also a good choice  to be 28 forever because you are just about to start your career and it is already clear that every beginning is truly exciting.

       Speaking of beginnings –as for the apartment I would live in, it would be decorated by myself and I would make sure it would be decorated in a Feng Shui style because that is something completely new to me. I would also make sure not to spend too much time in my apartment and I surely would not spend more time than necessary there-nothing ever happens while you are at home. I would travel a lot: travelling means knowledge and I would not allow the opportunity to make the most out of travelling pass me by since my job would also involve visiting different countries and getting to know a great variety of cultures.

        So, when it comes to travelling, 28 would  be the ideal age for that as well because it also means you have learned from your previous experiences and you are no longer immature. That is something I would choose to do whenever I had the opportunity to do it: this world that we live in has so much to offer-It would be a real shame not to get to explore at least half of it before we die. I would start out by visiting the European countries and Fronce could be the first country I would choose to visit, then I would make sure to taste the Italian pizza and get to see the colorful buildings that can be found in Denmark.

       While in Fronce, I would like to visit The Opera and see Chagali’s painting , then I would love to visit their greatest museums and visit Monet’s house in Giverny. I would spend a few days  in Paris and visit all there is to visit, take pictures and make memories. Fronce is itself quite astonishing and there is a lot to see, so  I would clearly try to make the most out of such an experience.

         But, that is just  the thing about Fronce –there are many more countries in this world that deserve to be explored in great detail. Yet, once you reach on epoint in your life, you are no longer willing to do such things and you certainly lose the enthusiasm for it. Though, 28 means a mixture of characteristics that allow you to fully enjoy moments and experiences which truly matter  such as travelling.

         All in all, 28 is the best age to live at its fullest, to actually seize every single moment and this one life that we have surely deserves to be enjoyed.

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