One day it came through my mind the idea what if one day I would have to choose to be one age for the rest of my life. What would I choose? After hours and hours of thinking , I came up with an answer sixteen.

        When I turned sixteen years old, my whole life changed. I started to go out more, to make new friends and I got to know myself a lot better. I experienced things that until that moment were pretty strange to me.  I had my fist real argue with my best friend. I was grounded for staying out late and other things for a tipical teenager.

        There was a promised I made to myself when I turned that age, that I would live my life to its fulliest, that I won’t have any regrets and when I am going to be older. I would say that I have done everything when the moment was right. Of course there were things I didn’t do because I was maybe afraid or didn’t have possibility, but overall I had a blast.

        And now I am going to talk about the things that made me wanting to spend my entire life as a teenager. The first thing that really improved was my reading skills. Before it wasn’t my hobby to stay in bed with a book and a cup of tea, but now it became my passion. The thing was I couldn’t concentrate enough and I thought it was a waste of time to read something that it’s not even real. But as you read and read and read , at some point you get lost in that book, you feel what that character feels and you want more and more. This is how I came in love with books. Because I was living not just one life, but general through my books.

        A second thing I would choose it for is that I had the chance to see the real world with its ups and downs. During that year I cried and suffered a lot for all the things that happened to me. I realized that people aren’t how they seem to be and everyone has a story behind. When you stand to know that story, then you will find the real person. I also learned that sometimes  there is nothing you can do for someone. You’ve to take some things exactly how they are, not trying to change them. The people I got to know during that period of time taugh me I should appreciate what I have now, ‘cause one moment from now they could be gone.

         Lastly, there are things that I regret I learned to accept my mistakes and learn some thing from them. All those lessons I learned back then are still helping me now to create the life I want. To build relationships that I hope  are going to last as long as possible. To live that age until I die would mean getting the best out of life and also crying a lot. It will all be worth it because in that time I felt more alive than ever.

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