As far as I am volunteering here in Arad, Romania already for three months I want to tell about how can you manage your money, because it’s really very important topic for each volunteer because our resources are limited, more or less 700 lei.

   So at first I want to notice that food in Romania is cheaper than in the lot of countries for example comparing with Armenia, Georgia or Turkey.

  To save money for food at first you need to know places for cheap shopping. Most of all for shopping we are using Kaufland, Penny or Profi they are cheapest supermarkets here. Also if you are fan of organic food they have open markets where you can find natural products like vegetables, fruits, different gems, honey and a lot of tasty things which most of all grown up by local people near Arad and it more expensive then when you are buying from supermarket. If you love to eat outside in places like fast food Arad suggesting you a whole Street with Turkish fast food it’s called kebab Street. But if you want to save money learn how to cook and make your own tasty piece of art.

  Secondly for fans of shopping in Romania there’s wide variety of clothes shops. Romanian people used to buy clothes from second hand shops and they have a lot amount of second hand clothes shops it’s really very cheap and if you search you can find a lot of useful things with comparably cheap prices. For those who love to make shopping from brands in Arad we have a mall called Atrium where you can find some multi brand shops such as New Yorker, H&M, Bershka, Stradivarius and so on. Also there are boutiques for perfume and cosmetics where you can buy everything you need for body care or make up. And they have a great shopping area called Real which includes supermarket, mini boutiques and Jumbo shopping area where you can find wide variety of different staff such as notebooks, souvenirs, toys, products for personal care, household goods, different cups with funny prints, candles and so on.

  And finally for having fun in Arad there are few places. First of all I want to mention KF. It’s kind of volunteers bar when you’re going there in the weekend it’s always full because this is a place where everybody is going to talk, to play games, to have fun and finally to drink something. Drinks there are very cheap for example you can buy one cup of vine for 4 leis, or beer for 6. There are a lot of places for dancing both for Latino and electro music. So if you want to have a fun in club we have Wings, Curtea Vechea, ABC and District 1. If you’re fun of Rock they have amazing rock club here- Flex. We are usually visiting it in the end of the week and prices there is also cheap.

 Be careful with spending your money if you don’t want to be starving in the end of month like some of our friends. Wish you good luck with your management experience :) 


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