In the middle of the night everything started. We took a train to the cold Brașov for new experience, friends and adventures.But Brașov surprised us, it was calm and sunny like the days with we had there.

On the first day we had a short meeting about some instructions and accommodation staff.

On the 23 January our evaluation started. We were sitting in a room and waiting for training to start. Our trainers put a paper with instructions on the floor and started to work with their computers. We were confused and didn’t understand what’s going on. Some of volunteers took a paper and started to read after we understand that we should follow instructions and we started to performance tasks on the paper. Everything started suddenly and mysterious.

This was the way our trainer’s gave initiative in our hands. And everything continued like this. We had a chance to choose what we exactly want to achieve during this training  and it helped us to became satisfied because we received all information which we exactly needed.

 On the second day after two sessions we had opportunity to travel in the city and discover amazing sights of the Brașov.  There was a winter with all his beauty and freshness. Fresh air, beautifully nature, interesting architecture and so on.

 On the third day we made a conclusion about our Evs, we get some new ideas to make the time we still have here more beautiful and productive and constructed some plans about our life’s after Evs.

Except our trainings we had a lot of fun every night with our new friends. We had a chance to knew new people speak and change experience.

 At least our mid-term evaluation was good experience full of fun and great memories with will follow us all our lives. We said good bye with the hope that we will meet again and this moments will be continued...

Thank to our trainers specially Mihaela for making our training useful and unforgettable. And thank to Erasmus + for giving us opportunity to enjoy this moments.

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